When it came to choosing a mattress range for our Delcor beds, nothing else compared to the craftsmanship offered by Spink & Edgar so we decided to team up with another luxury british brand who have been established since 1885. Where quality is second to none they make superior mattresses using the finest of natural materials sourced right here in the UK.

Extraordinary effort goes into …
Every single element of your mattress has been designed and developed by a team of UK experts, passionate about quality, craftsmanship and sustainability. From the showroom floor to your aftercare service, you can expect the same dedication and care.


Mattress Size

Each mattress – whichever size you choose, has been designed to deliver supreme comfort, and the best possible night’s sleep.


From single to Emperor, every mattress from Spink & Edgar offers the same comfort levels by using the finest natural materials.


When your double bed is your sanctuary, only a blissfully comfortable mattress from Spink & Edgar will do.


Created using premium quality materials and handmade by craftsman in the UK, Spink & Edgar treat you like royalty.

Super King

If you’re investing in extra room in your bed, then a luxury mattress is essential for ultimate comfort.


Choosing Emperor means that you won’t be restricted by size, so don’t accept anything less than a Spink & Edgar mattress.


Layers of comfort

The majority of Spink & Edgar’s unique mattress components are made in-house using natural fillings. Different blend combinations deliver a different feel and response to suit you.

  1. Superior Yorkshire wool blend.
  2. Egyptian cotton, Mohair and British new wool.
  3. Waxed cambric sheet.
  4. Hand teased blend of Hempure, Cashmere wool, Cashmere hair and long loose stranded white hair.
  5. HD Spring.
  6. Revolution® spring with inner ‘Joey’ spring showing.


Perfect Support

Good sleeping posture is important for health and wellbeing, after all we spend around a third of our lives in bed. Poor sleeping posture often leads to serious ongoing back and neck damage and a reduction in sleep quality.

So, to ensure you wake feeling refreshed, energised and without any unnecessary aches and pains, choosing the perfect support in your mattress is key.

Too Soft

A mattress which is too soft will cause your spine to sink into it, which can lead to alignment issues.

Too Firm

Mattresses which are too firm will lead to painful pressure points, and again, an unaligned position for your body.

Correct Posture

You can see here that the spine lies in a natural position with the perfect alignment – preventing any back and neck aches.


Natural Comfort

Only the finest natural materials are selected to create your Spink & Edgar mattress. Fillings are locally sourced, including from their very own UK farm wherever possible. Spink & Edgar know that natural materials not only feel better, but are better for you – creating the perfect micro-climate and the ultimate night’s sleep.


A natural material which is durable, kind to the earth and great for temperature regulation.


Used near the top of the fillings mix for it’s soft, cool and hygienic qualities.

Egyptian cotton

A more superior and luxurious feel to normal cotton with added softness.

British new wool

UK sourced wool is natural, durable and springy. It’s also chosen by the expert team for regulating body temperature.


Softer and smoother than wool, Mohair is luxurious to the touch and is also a good temperature regulator.

Fine Cashmere wool

Cashmere wool is used to bind hand teased filings – it’s an incredibly soft, smooth and luxurious fibre.

Horse hair

Used for many years in high quality upholstered items, it’s used near the lower part of the fillings mix for springiness.

Long loose stranded white hair

The longest fibre used in hand teased mixes, used by our craftsman for superior springiness and extra comfort.


A strong, soft, natural fibre – silk is absorbent and an effective temperature controller.

Cashmere hair

Similar to horse hair but with a softer feel, it’s used low down in the hand teased fillings mix.

HD Spring

The HD pressure spring distributes weight between more springs, meaning reduced pressured points on your body.



Every Spink & Edgar mattress comes with a full lifetime guarantee against any fault occurring through our workmanship or materials.

And when you feel the need to update your Spink & Edgar mattress, the organic materials can be recycled and converted into energy to power the factory, as well as fertiliser to spread on the fields – helping to grow the next generation of Spink & Edgar mattresses.

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