Following on from the governments latest COVID-19 update on 10th May 2020, I wish to update our valued customers with our own current situation and with the complications we unfortunately still face in relation to the processing and delivering of our customer orders.

Although the government message loosely indicated that manufacturing was able to resume, this is not as straightforward as I would have liked, as many issues still affect our ability to function at this current time.

Firstly, as you are all aware, Delcor is not only a bespoke manufacturing unit but a multiple retail facility. One part of our business cannot function without the other and according to the latest government estimation, retailing will be unable to resume until 1st June at the earliest.

Additionally and with regards to the manufacturing element of our business, many of our suppliers do not intend to reopen until it is proven safe to do so. Many of our furniture components, including cushions and spring units, are all specialised items, all of which are bought in “made to order” for each individual customer. We do not hold a stock of these items in our factory.

The imperative social distancing is another major factor we must consider when it comes to the delivery of customer orders. Our delivery team are unable to adhere to this regulation as the positioning of our lorries driver/porter seating is not within the 2m specified ruling and our company’s health & safety regulations do not allow a single driver to deliver our furniture. We would also be unable to carry out assembly on site of orders without breaking these rules, which we are legally bound to follow.

I am well aware that certain companies are completely disregarding the distancing rules and still carrying out a variety of non-essential home deliveries. I personally feel that in such extreme times this is completely unacceptable, during a pandemic of such enormity where the health and wellbeing of all should be everyones number one priority.

I appreciate that this is far from an ideal situatuion for any of us and I do apologise for the element of customer disappointment which will be inevitable. However, I would ask you to bear with us just a little longer until we obtain a little more clarity, hopefully over the next few weeks to ensure that our actions do not jeopardise the health and safety of our workforce, our customers and all of our families.

I can assure you that your purchase from us will be worth the longer leadtime than was first expected and that we will get your order to you with urgency as soon as it is safe for us to do so.

Best wishes & stay safe

Rick Petini, Managing Director