Interior Design bringing the outdoors in

Garden City

How to make your indoors feel like the great outdoors with clever fabrics and statement furniture.

What does it mean to ‘bring the outdoors in’?

One of the big trends for interiors and interior design this year, is to bring the outdoors inside. In other words: to add floral or natural features and colours to your living areas to re-create the lush, fresh, and invigorating feeling of being in a garden.

Why do it?

While we might like to spend the majority of our time outside in the garden, the reality is that mostly we work, live and play indoors. So by introducing elements of the outdoors environment to the indoors, we gain the best of both worlds. Echoing features of the natural world in your living areas, also creates a pleasant feeling of relaxation and serenity. More than this though, creating this natural theme will empower you as you recuperate! If you have rooms that open up directly onto your garden, bringing the outside in creates a sense of flow from one to the other. And quite simply the more indoor/outdoor flow you have in your home, the larger your living space feels.

Get the look – How to bring the outdoors in

This ‘garden city’ look works especially well in a modern, industrial-style interior. A bright contemporary space already features a lot of white, chrome and glass to create a feeling of space and light. Simply take it up a notch by adding a few garden-inspired pieces, and entering your room will feel like stepping outside into the brightness of the garden. Use a burst of garden colour to contrast beautifully with a world of white, black and chrome. Choose leafy greens or floral hues that you see in nature. Less is more. Don’t go overboard, it’s better to choose a few dramatic statement pieces than clutter your home with many items in small floral patterns.
Remember to keep things light and bright overall.

You don’t need green fingers to succeed: 5 tips on how to create the look:

Metro Chair Floral

1. A Floral Centrepiece

Choose a leaf-green sofa, a chair with big bold floral motifs – possibly in black and white.

2. Make a Bold Statement

Invest in a rug or chandelier light with a dramatic, over-sized floral motif. A bold statement in interior design can really accentuate the theme you are striving for. Don't be afraid! Be creative, design the interior you desire in your theme, enhance the luscious natural or environmental feel, and own it!

3. Still Life

Create clusters of small potted plants that draw out the garden colours in your rug, sofa or cushions. Cacti and succulents are a good choice if you want low-maintenance, non shedding plants.
Outdoors In - Metro Sofa with Plants

4. Natural Asymmetry

Nature is rarely uniform in size, shape or colour, so look for multi-tonal hues in your garden-inspired features. You can also consider using natural materials without symmetry for a similar effect – use this in moderation though to avoid clutter!

5. Glorious in Green

To be even more authentic, place different shades of green directly next to each other, just as you would see outdoors. Throw cushions are good for this.

Blend the trend with long-lasting Delcor quality

Delcor’s Metro sofa (pictured) in multi-tonal leaf greens creates a modern, eye-catching centrepiece with a strong garden theme. The different shades of green cleverly capture the natural effect of light and shade on a tree in the sunshine. The Metro chair (pictured) looks stunning in a bold print, with oversized leafs and blooms. The modern Metro is a natural fit with 2015’s ‘outside in’ trend. With its long chrome plated legs, and low-back, its design naturally creates the illusion of extra space in a room. Simply choose it in a garden shade of soft fabric, to turn your city pad into a garden city.

Get the look – Reinvigorate your home

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