We have been busy adding lots of new leathers to our fabric sample page. You can now choose samples from a range of over 107 leathers. Just pick your five favourite colours and we will deliver the samples straight to your door.
leather fabric samples for sofas and chairs
The new material samples are made by top designers Old Saddle and Yarwood. These are some of the very best leathers available, and many of them have a special hand rubbed finish, which is carefully applied to reproduce a unique hand antiqued finish.
We've added some really funky colours to the mix as well as some classic shades, so if you want to go big and bold there are plenty of options. If leather isn't for you then why not consider a plush velvet?

[caption id="attachment_4549" align="alignleft" width="1024"]leather funky colours Some of the vibrant colours available and Delcor's Georgian Wing Armchair in brown leather[/caption]