The Eaton Sofa

8 Ways to Blend Contemporary Styling with Georgian Interiors

As a welcome contrast to our busy, technology-intensive lives, Georgian soft colour tones and delicate styles can create a sanctuary away from the whirlwind of the outside world.
The classical clean lines of the Georgian style works beautifully in modern interiors, to create a fusion of period elegance and contemporary simplicity.

What is Georgian style?

The Georgian style of the 1800s began as a reaction to the French Baroque style. Where Baroque was attention-grabbing, ornate and dramatic, the Georgian style was very delicate and elegant.
Here are our top 8 tips to help you introduce Georgian influences to your home and living room:
Classical Georgian Lines on the Eaton Sofa

1. Colour schemes

To create an authentic later Georgian colour scheme, dusky pink, sky or Wedgwood blue, soft grey, pea green or a flat white or stone. For an early period look choose burgundy, sage green or blue grey. For a more contemporary look, choose a silver or bright colour to contrast with the period style of The Eaton.

2. Soft furnishings

Classically, the Georgians would have gone for glazed cotton fabrics with small sprigs of flowers. For a period look choose the same fabric for the upholstery and the curtains.

3. Statement Lighting

Look for chandeliers made from glass, metal and wood with curved arms like an octopus, or use wall lights in brass, silver or silvered wood or a simple candle flame bulb.

4. Flooring

The gracious Georgian living room would boast bare floorboards with Oriental rugs, or stone or marble floors. To mix up your style with a more modern feel, choose plain or modern geometric rugs.[/ezcol_1half]
Delicate curves on the arm of Eaton Sofa

5. Simple Wallpaper

Look for simple repeat patterns in wallpaper such as trefoils. Some of the original wallpapers are still produced today.

6. Elegant Fireplaces

Fireplaces were the focal point of the room: elegant with basket grates, cast iron backs and decorated fronts featuring swags, urns and medallions. You could add a firescreen painted to match the room.

7. Georgian Mouldings

Ceilings were intricate with ribbons and swags, classical figures and urns. There are companies who specialise in making reproduction mouldings.

8. Decorative items

Add further layers to your look by adding screens, fans, porcelain, lacquerwork from the Orient and bronze ornaments. Hang pictures in formal groupings, flanking the fireplace.

A Delcor sofa with Georgian style

It wouldn’t look out of place in a scene from Pride and Prejudice, yet the Eaton captures an elegant modernity that lives well in any style of home.
The design inspiration for the Eaton comes from the iconic Chesterfield. But this is a pared down, simplified version, very much in keeping with the Georgian taste for refinement and elegance. The delightful rolled arms and hand-pleating detail, set alongside a single height back and arms – are all distinctive period features.
The secret of The Eaton’s enduring appeal is its clean lines: deeply pleasing to our modern preference for a stylishly, unfussy finish. Here we’ve given the Eaton a fresh, metropolitan twist by choosing a pastel tulip pink.
Don’t be deceived, period elegance and modern simplicity are still sumptuously comfortable. The Eaton has a sprung back, seat and base to create exceptional comfort. The pocket springs move independently, so as you relax the sofa gently envelopes you. The perfect place to curl up with Jane Austen.

Get the look – A modern take on a Georgian living room

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