We chat with Janice Davis, expert seamstress at Delcor..

When did your love of sewing begin?

I loved sewing lessons at school – that’s where it all started. After I left, a job became available at Delcor and it seemed the perfect fit for someone with my skills. I applied, got it, and the rest is the history!

As one of Delcor’s expert seamstresses, what does a typical day look like for you?

Usually, I spend a lot of the day sewing frames and cushions for customers’ bespoke pieces. There’s a lot of attention to detail required, so the day-to-day work is quite absorbing, but I really enjoy that. I also love the fact that I’m involved in development work for new furniture types, which always offers a few challenges.

What do you love most about your job?

I love working with our unique – and very beautiful – fabrics. There are so many, which means each day is different! Seeing the end product also gives me a lot of satisfaction and if I can see customers’ faces when they see their piece of furniture for the first time, that’s a bonus. It’s a great joy!

What are the best things about working for Delcor?

Delcor offers a fabulously friendly working environment. It feels like being a part of a big family. Most of the team have been here for years – some are from different generations of the same family! As for me, I feel like I’m part of the furniture now. I just adore working with the whole Delcor team.

What makes Delcor’s products and services stand out?

The quality of our raw materials is exceptional and all of our furniture is hand-crafted by a team of skilled, experienced and passionate individuals. I think that makes all the difference; our craftsmen and women take huge pride in what they do, which really shows in every piece that they create. At Delcor, we never cut corners