How Delcor Are Keeping You Safe: In-Store Safety Policy

At Delcor, keeping our clients and employees safe is paramount to us. Following the recent government guidelines, each of our bespoke furniture stores across the UK are now open, with numerous steps in place to ensure a visit to one of Delcor’s signature showrooms, is both a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Thinking of paying one of our furniture showrooms a visit? Below, you will find all of the safe-shopping measures we have implemented across all Delcor stores, that are adhered to by all members of staff to further ensure the wellbeing of both clients and employees. Feel confident, safe and happy whilst browsing through our bespoke furniture designs and settling on a piece of true sophistication.

1. Hand sanitising stations

Across all of our locations, from Seaton Delaval to King’s Road, we’ve set up a number of hand sanitising stations, each equipped with gloves to use at your disposal. These stations are set up at the main door, throughout the showroom and at our fabric inspiration suites, so clients are able to properly sanitise their hands whenever they feel the need to do so. If you do wish to use plastic gloves, we also have a number of glove bin disposals available.

2. Screen dividers

Designed to act as an extra barrier of protection between both our clients and employees, we have a number of plastic screen dividers set up throughout our stores. Available at the main desk of each of our showrooms, these plastic dividers offer clients peace of mind, minimising the need for unnecessary contact. Our customers are free to browse through our showrooms without assistance and can speak freely to our employees as and when they like through our plastic dividers. Though, if you do require assistance, rest assured our full team of Delcor furniture specialists are equipped with PPE.

3. PPE in-store and delivery

Each of our Delcor employees across all four furniture showroom locations are fully-equipped with the highest grade of PPE. As well as the introduction of plastic screen dividers, our furniture specialists will be wearing plastic face visors when dealing with customers to minimise the risk of contact. As well as our in-store staff adhering to PPE standards, if you’re ordering bespoke furniture online, or you’ve pre-arranged a delivery option in-store, rest assured our personal delivery team will follow the same in-store guidelines.

Upon arrival, our delivery team will be fully equipped with PPE including hand sanitiser, face masks, gloves and more to ensure your furniture delivery service is safe, well organised and compliant with the government’s latest safety standards. Sterilising the vehicle both before and after each furniture delivery and keeping a safe distance between you and your property wherever possible, our team are fully trained to guarantee a safe, hygienic and comfortable delivery service.

4. Book via appointment

If you’re still not 100% comfortable visiting our furniture stores, we offer Delcor clients the unique ability to book a personal one-on-one furniture consultation with one of our furniture specialists.

This way, our clients can book a showroom appointment at any of our furniture stores across the UK and have an allocated time slot in which they are the top priority. These allocated time slots give clients peace of mind, knowing they won’t get caught up in any unnecessary queues or full-store capacity scenarios.

To book your own bespoke furniture appointment with one of our specialists at a time convenient for you, simply book your bespoke furniture consultation online, or give one of our specialists a call, stating which showroom you would like to visit.

At the moment, our Altrincham showroom is operating all week on an appointment-only basis, however, walk-ins are still available in each of our other four showroom locations. Learn more about each of our Delcor furniture showrooms online.

5. Reduced opening hours

To help ease back into a regular routine, some of our furniture showrooms are temporarily closed on a Sunday, excluding our flagship Delcor showroom at Seaton Delaval. To avoid disappointment, please check our updated opening times for each of our showrooms across the UK ahead of booking an appointment, or paying us a visit in person.

6. On-site cleaners

We are also undertaking an enhanced in-store cleaning routine and have taken the necessary steps to ensure our furniture showrooms are safe to visit, including hiring an on-site cleaner for each of our locations. These cleaners are on hand to clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the day during less busy periods.

7. Social distancing signage

When you pay a visit to a Delcor furniture showroom, we want you to feel safe and comfortable, which is why we’ve introduced these safe-shopping measures. You’ll likely notice that we’re asking customers to stay at least 2 meters away from others, to avoid physical contact. To make this a straightforward process, we have visible signage throughout each of our showrooms to encourage this, as well as operating with a one-way system throughout our stores.

We also kindly ask our clients to comply with the government's latest safety regulations by wearing a face covering or mask when visiting our stores. For everyone’s safety, if you’re experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus, please come back to our stores at a later date when you’re feeling better.

Shop bespoke furniture online at Delcor

Whilst we’re taking the necessary steps to ensure our signature showrooms are comfortable and safe for clients to visit, for those at high risk, or those not 100% ready to return to the high-street, why not consider shopping online? At Delcor, our bespoke furniture designs are each available to purchase through our website. Showcasing a number of exquisite designer fabrics to upholster your furniture with, as well as designer feet furnishings and more, our website features the very best Delcor furniture has to offer.

Require assistance? Simply give one of our furniture specialists a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Will it Fit?

It is important to make sure that your new Delcor furniture will fit into your home. This quick guide will help you to work out if your furniture will fit into your room via doors, hallways and stairs.

If it does not fit, then don’t worry - all of our furniture is custom made and for a nominal charge is able to come apart and be assembled on-site by our qualified delivery team.

Firstly, note down the length, depth and height of your furniture. This information can be found on the product pages of our website.

Front Door

Let's start at the front door. Open the door as wide as possible and measure the distance between the outer edge of the door to the inner edge of your doorframe at its narrowest point.

Compare the width of your doorframe with the height of your item allowing a little wiggle room on either side. This will determine if we can take the item through on its side. If the door width is greater than the height of your item, then it will fit through.

If the width of your front door is too narrow, then our delivery team can try to bring your item through upright. In this case, measure the height of your doorway making sure that it is greater than your item width. Again, check that there is some wiggle room.

If it does not fit give us a call as we can take off the legs or look at alternatives such as taking your furniture apart and assembling it on-site.


We need to make sure your furniture can get into the room that you’d like it to sit in. Measure the width of any areas that the item must pass through, such as hallways and internal doors at their narrowest points.

Remember to take note of possible obstructions such as radiators, shelving, skirting boards and light fittings. As long as the width at the narrowest point is greater than the height of your item, then your furniture will fit.


If your furniture needs to go up any stairs, measure the width of the staircase at its narrowest point. Remember to take any handrails or light fixtures into account. If this distance is wider than the height of your item then it should fit.

If you have a bannister and the furniture needs to be lifted over it, check that the distance between the bannister and the ceiling is greater than the depth of the item. Once at the top of the stairs, make sure there is enough room on the landing for our delivery team to manoeuvre your item into your chosen room.

If you have any questions please give us a call or pop into one of our showrooms, we would be happy to help.

The final part of the Delcor experience is delivery. We understand the importance of and respect that is required when delivering to your home – that’s why we do it ourselves. All our deliveries and installations are carried out by our own trained delivery teams using our own vehicles.

We will call you 7 to 14 days prior to your delivery to discuss the exact dates. At that time, we can talk about an am or pm delivery. You can change your delivery slot at any time but this may affect when the next delivery slot will be available.

On the day we will give you a call one hour before your delivery is due. We will remove and packaging and ensure the room is left just as we found it. Please ensure that the room is ready and the space for your new piece of furniture is ready. Unfortunately, we cannot remove any old furniture due to health and safety.

Delivery pricing:

POR - Price on request, please contact Head Office on 0191 237 1303.

Postcode Cost Postcode Cost Postcode Cost
AB £200 GY POR PH £150
AL £49 HA £49 PL £140
B £49 HD £49 PO £90
BA £100 HG £49 PR £49
BB £49 HP £49 RG £49
BD £49 HR £89 RH £59
BH £100 HS POR RM £49
BL £49 HU £49 S £49
BN £79 HX £49 SA £120
BR £49 IG £49 SE £49
BS £100 IM POR SG £49
BT POR IP £79 SK £49
CA £79 IV £500 SL £49
CB £49 JE POR SM £49
CF £89 KA £89 SN £100
CH £79 KT £49 SO £90
CM £49 KW £500 SP £100
CO £49 KY £100 SR £49
CR £49 L £49 SS £49
CT £79 LA £49 ST £49
CV £49 LD £120 SW £49
CW £49 LE £49 SY £100
DA £49 LL £89 TA £110
DD £130 LN £49 TD £75
DE £49 LS £49 TF £100
DG £79 LU £49 TN £79
DH £49 M £49 TQ £140
DL £49 ME £59 TR £500
DN £59 MK £49 TS £49
DT £110 ML £89 TW £49
DY £59 N £49 UB £49
E £49 NE £49 W £49
EC £49 NG £49 WA £49
EH £79 NN £49 WC £49
EN £49 NP £89 WD £49
EX £125 NR £79 WF £49
FK £120 NW £49 WN £49
FY £59 OL £49 WR £85
G £89 OX £49 WS £49
GL £100 PA £125 WV £100
GU £49 PE £49 YO £49
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