Linwood Fabrics at Delcor

Discover the understated luxury of Linwood Fabrics at Delcor.

Ticking all the boxes when it comes to creating exquisite fabrics that complement our bespoke furniture designs harmoniously, Linwood Fabrics are a well known textiles brand with a clear focus on meticulous-craftsmanship and beautiful hand-painted fabric designs.

A family-run British business that encapsulates a similar ethos to our own, Linwood Fabrics has built a lasting industry reputation, creating beautifully bespoke, distinctive fabrics across Europe for the last 25 years. Drawing on inspiration from textile archives, historical museums and the beauty of the natural world to reinvent classic British aesthetics with a revival of fresh, contemporary patterns, Linwood Fabrics provide Delcor clients with an incomparable choice of premium fabrics.

Dress our bespoke furniture designs in Linwood Fabric and add an air of luxury to your home. Maintaining the same level of excellence we adhere to at Delcor, Linwood Fabric designs offer clients unique collections, all whilst retaining the excellent level of quality and artistry that first built Linwood Fabrics industry reputation.

Choosing Linwood Fabrics at Delcor

Our team of British, in-house master craftsmen and women, have a true passion for fabric and upholstery. With over 200 collective years of industry experience, our specialist team of craftsmen and women, based in Northumberland, take personal pride in turning your furniture visions into a reality with Linwood Fabrics. Whether you opt for an eccentric, elaborate print for a statement-making one of a kind piece, or decide on a rich, neutral hue to add a sense of sophistication to your home, Linwood Fabrics complement our Delcor furniture designs accordingly to evoke a sense of true luxury.

Once you’ve settled on your preferred Linwood Fabric, we get into the details.

Discover Bespoke Linwood Furniture at Delcor

At Delcor, we cater to clients exact specifications and take personal pride in crafting bespoke, made-to-measure masterpieces. Whether it be a bespoke Linwood sofa, armchair, bedframe, or matching blanket box, our specialist team will work with the utmost precision to bring clients complete satisfaction, which is why we’ve earned such a stellar reputation.

Each piece is handmade to order, so your chosen Delcor furniture can be built to any size specification you require, perfect for clients with compact living spaces or large rooms to fill. We offer standard sizes, but if you want something bespoke to fit a specific area, we’re more than happy to accommodate that for our clients, providing a highly personal touch. Bespoke Furniture at Delcor is something of true beauty and our craftsmen and women based in Rural Northumberland take your personal style and preferences heart-to-hand, crafting your individual inspiration into every detail.

Types of Linwood Fabrics at our Delcor Showrooms

Visit one of our Delcor Showrooms to discover the Linwood Fabric difference firsthand, as our purpose-built Inspiration Suites are home to one of the biggest designer fabric collections in the UK. Delcor clients can benefit from an extensive list of over 10,000 suppliers, renowned in the fabric world for their premium designs. Our Inspiration Suites are home to thousands of patterns, so clients can be sure they’ll find a particular piece to suit their exact style preferences. From checks and solids, traditional to modern and solid, or printed styles in a vast array of colourways and designs, there’s something to bring every type of client joy at Delcor.

Linwood Fabrics

Omega, Omega Velvet, Omega Prints, Tango Jungle Leopard, Tango Weaves, Jungle Jive, Pronto, Tresco, Bryher and Lars

Visit us in person

Browse our full range of Linwood fabrics, as well as our extensive library of over 10,000 designer fabrics in one of our specialist Inspiration suites, featured across our Cheshire, Stamford, Kings Road and Northumberland Delcor showrooms.

Delcor clients are encouraged to take the time to visit us in person to view our stunning furniture display, as well as browse through our signature fabric collection, made up of over 10,000 designer fabrics and leathers. Handpicked and specially selected by our Delcor team, our signature fabric collection consists of thousands of patterns, checks and solid styles - from Linwood fabrics to many other leading brands. Our Delcor experts are at hand to offer any advice or address any concerns you may have, as well as to provide a limitless level of service - as we can source any fabric, from any supplier, worldwide.

Unable to visit us in person, yet still undecided on which fabric to upholster your bespoke Delcor furniture with? Take a look at our Delcor guides for both Modern and Traditional style furniture inspiration to get you started. If you’re still not 100% on a specific colourway, request up to five free fabric samples from our online sample service, which includes some of our highly sought after Linwood Omega fabrics. Simply select five samples, or visit us in store to view our extensive, full-range of fabrics.

Will it Fit?

It is important to make sure that your new Delcor furniture will fit into your home. This quick guide will help you to work out if your furniture will fit into your room via doors, hallways and stairs.

If it does not fit, then don’t worry - all of our furniture is custom made and for a nominal charge is able to come apart and be assembled on-site by our qualified delivery team.

Firstly, note down the length, depth and height of your furniture. This information can be found on the product pages of our website.

Front Door

Let's start at the front door. Open the door as wide as possible and measure the distance between the outer edge of the door to the inner edge of your doorframe at its narrowest point.

Compare the width of your doorframe with the height of your item allowing a little wiggle room on either side. This will determine if we can take the item through on its side. If the door width is greater than the height of your item, then it will fit through.

If the width of your front door is too narrow, then our delivery team can try to bring your item through upright. In this case, measure the height of your doorway making sure that it is greater than your item width. Again, check that there is some wiggle room.

If it does not fit give us a call as we can take off the legs or look at alternatives such as taking your furniture apart and assembling it on-site.


We need to make sure your furniture can get into the room that you’d like it to sit in. Measure the width of any areas that the item must pass through, such as hallways and internal doors at their narrowest points.

Remember to take note of possible obstructions such as radiators, shelving, skirting boards and light fittings. As long as the width at the narrowest point is greater than the height of your item, then your furniture will fit.


If your furniture needs to go up any stairs, measure the width of the staircase at its narrowest point. Remember to take any handrails or light fixtures into account. If this distance is wider than the height of your item then it should fit.

If you have a bannister and the furniture needs to be lifted over it, check that the distance between the bannister and the ceiling is greater than the depth of the item. Once at the top of the stairs, make sure there is enough room on the landing for our delivery team to manoeuvre your item into your chosen room.

If you have any questions please give us a call or pop into one of our showrooms, we would be happy to help.

The final part of the Delcor experience is delivery. We understand the importance of and respect that is required when delivering to your home – that’s why we do it ourselves. All our deliveries and installations are carried out by our own trained delivery teams using our own vehicles.

We will call you 7 to 14 days prior to your delivery to discuss the exact dates. At that time, we can talk about an am or pm delivery. You can change your delivery slot at any time but this may affect when the next delivery slot will be available.

On the day we will give you a call one hour before your delivery is due. We will remove and packaging and ensure the room is left just as we found it. Please ensure that the room is ready and the space for your new piece of furniture is ready. Unfortunately, we cannot remove any old furniture due to health and safety.

Delivery pricing:

POR - Price on request, please contact Head Office on 0191 237 1303.

Postcode Cost Postcode Cost Postcode Cost
AB £200 GY POR PH £150
AL £49 HA £49 PL £140
B £49 HD £49 PO £90
BA £100 HG £49 PR £49
BB £49 HP £49 RG £49
BD £49 HR £89 RH £59
BH £100 HS POR RM £49
BL £49 HU £49 S £49
BN £79 HX £49 SA £120
BR £49 IG £49 SE £49
BS £100 IM POR SG £49
BT POR IP £79 SK £49
CA £79 IV £500 SL £49
CB £49 JE POR SM £49
CF £89 KA £89 SN £100
CH £79 KT £49 SO £90
CM £49 KW £500 SP £100
CO £49 KY £100 SR £49
CR £49 L £49 SS £49
CT £79 LA £49 ST £49
CV £49 LD £120 SW £49
CW £49 LE £49 SY £100
DA £49 LL £89 TA £110
DD £130 LN £49 TD £75
DE £49 LS £49 TF £100
DG £79 LU £49 TN £79
DH £49 M £49 TQ £140
DL £49 ME £59 TR £500
DN £59 MK £49 TS £49
DT £110 ML £89 TW £49
DY £59 N £49 UB £49
E £49 NE £49 W £49
EC £49 NG £49 WA £49
EH £79 NN £49 WC £49
EN £49 NP £89 WD £49
EX £125 NR £79 WF £49
FK £120 NW £49 WN £49
FY £59 OL £49 WR £85
G £89 OX £49 WS £49
GL £100 PA £125 WV £100
GU £49 PE £49 YO £49
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