When designing our range of high quality beds, we take all of your needs into consideration. Your wish list has been checked and granted, and every element of your Delcor bed is guaranteed to please – including the addition of a little extra storage for your bedroom.  Superbly made, and robust enough to take on heavier items, you can configure your storage in a number of ways.

A handy place to keep your bed linen, much needed storage for a smaller guest room or an extra hideaway for bulkier wardrobe items such a winter coats.  Whatever you use your bed storage for, we have well-designed and accessible options to suit you.

2 Drawers (Single) - 2 Standard Drawers OR 1 Continental & 1 Standard Drawer

Single beds in children’s rooms or guest bedrooms will always benefit from some added space. Two single side drawers are practical and accessible.

These can be on either left or right hand side.

4 Standard Drawers

Indulge in some extra space for your most loved items, or store bed linen, shoes or precious keepsakes. You’ll sleep soundly knowing everything is just where it should be.

2 Standard Drawers

Two single drawers at the bottom half of your Delcor bed are just right for when bedroom storage is feeling the squeeze.

2 Continental & 2 Standard Drawers

Continental storage is designed with your bedside table in mind – meaning total accessibility to your much-loved stored items.

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